Places to Visit

Only a few kilometers away from the Farm Holidays you will find a series of places that are testimony of the culture, the art, the traditions of the High Tiber Valley.


Documentation Center of artisan works and popular traditions

Located in a Farm house not far from the San Martino Farm Holidays; it gives a clear image of the living conditions of the patriarchal family life of the past<

The Tela Umbra Laboratory. Hand made linens

You can admire there the works of the of pure linens that dates back to a century ago. o create their fabrics they find inspiration from original designs belonging to the Renaissance period.

Art Gallery

Inside this noble palace of the Renaissance prestigious They come from churches and convents of the region and are a testimony of the unique position of Città di Castello as a center of cultural influences.

Albizzini Palace. The Burri Collection

Città di Castello. The palace belongs to the Renaissance and inside you can admire the works by Alberto Burri, one of the greatest painter of  contemporary art. The painter of tars, mildews, bags, rags, combustions, woods, irons. They disclose the main themes of Burri’s style.

Arboreal Archaeology

The Arboreal Archaeological Association in Città di Castello. It is located at San Lorenzo di Lerchi and saves local species and varieties of fruits, taking into consideration also the popular traditions and uses, the systems of cultivation and the food history of the region.

Animated Handicrafts

A reconstruction in miniature of the artisan works,  showing in detail the atmosphere and crafts of the High Tiber Valley half a century ago.

Collection of the Umbrian Fauna

Situated inside  the Naturalistic Oasis of Candeleto (Pietralunga), subdivided in various thematic areas and  their songs can be heard through an audio device. Inside the museum two didactic workshops are held and supervised by a member of the State Forestry Corps.

Museum of the Typographical Art

The only museum that still today prints with systems and criteria of the past century. You can attend to the creation of a typographic work just like centuries ago.


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